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2020-08-31 Christian HellerDeclare inactive, link to new Senatsverwaltung dashboard. master
2020-08-29 Christian HellerUse scrape.py to update daily infections instead of...
2020-08-29 Christian HellerFix district sum error in scrape corrections.
2020-08-29 Christian HellerTurn scrape.py output into daily infections table order...
2020-08-03 Christian HellerDe-hardcode March the 10th.
2020-08-03 Christian HellerDe-hardcode 13th of March.
2020-07-28 Christian HellerAdd some more pre-seeded early days.
2020-07-27 Christian HellerFurther push back scraper pre-seed.
2020-07-27 Christian HellerAdd some more early numbers to scraper defaults.
2020-07-26 Christian HellerGrow scraper date range.
2020-07-24 Christian HellerRemove redundant whitespace.
2020-07-24 Christian HellerRemove unchecked 'total' fixes.
2020-07-24 Christian HellerIn scraper, check for dates being contiguous.
2020-07-21 Christian HellerUpdate awk with quotes now added to fields in CSV.
2020-07-21 Christian HellerAdd draft of infection data scraper.
2020-07-15 Christian HellerMove daily update schedule to 7pm.
2020-07-06 Christian HellerFix mistaken mv usage.
2020-07-06 Christian HellerFix README spelling.
2020-07-06 Christian HellerUse intermediate /tmp/ step in /var/www/html writing.
2020-07-06 Christian HellerUse '?' for lack of data for 7-day values in TXT versio...
2020-07-05 Christian HellerMove date cell content up, to better highlight where...
2020-07-04 Christian HellerRemove parentheses from week day names.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerAdd week day name display.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerReplace sticky header (and week-separator lines) with...
2020-07-04 Christian HellerImprove plain text view explanation.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerMinor comment change.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerFix.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerAdapt TXT variant to HTML variant.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerUpdate README.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerExplain that "+" counts just for the single day unit.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerRefactor symbol usage, add symbol explanation anchor...
2020-07-04 Christian HellerUse single-digit symbols in both HTML and TXT versions.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerFix txt version indentation.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerFix broken txt version.
2020-07-04 Christian HellerMove sum_district to the left, as it's of more interest...
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemove redundant sum_district assignments.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerMinor text improvements.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemain consistent in choice of abbrevations among outpu...
2020-07-03 Christian HellerFix HTML.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerReplace "not enough data" string for space reasons.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerCompletely redesign HTML table.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerFix n-th child misalignment after thead causing confusi...
2020-07-03 Christian HellerIn HTML variant, make table header sticky.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerFix vertical header cell orientation bug for Chromium.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerAdd plomlompom.com header line.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerAdd data source comment.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerImprove CSS.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerImprove title of HTML version.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerImprove explanation of missing data in HTML table view.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerMake HTML valid.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerMinor explanatory text improvements.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemove "all of Berlin" column collapsibility.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerAdd explanatory text to HTML view, inter-link HTML...
2020-07-03 Christian HellerImprove HTML code layout.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerHorizontale "all of Berlin" header in HTML table.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerMinor CSS refactor.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerFix week delimit highlight spilling over into details...
2020-07-03 Christian HellerAuto-open sum details in HTML table.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemove summary string from HTML table.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerHighlight week structure in HTML output.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerExtend abbreviation mapping, use collapsible for HTML...
2020-07-03 Christian HellerUse long form district names in HTML variant.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerMap abbrevations to long forms.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemove redundant whitespace.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemove redundant in-code whitespace.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerOutput both .txt and .html variants.
2020-07-02 Christian HellerFix working directory for update script calling service.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerMinor code re-arrangement.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerAdd a minimal amount of input validation.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerDe-hardcode infections table path from enhance_table.py.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerExplain "sum" district in code.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerRemove more redundant whitespace.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerRemove redundant whitespace.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerCreate table dynamically so it's not overwritten by...
2020-06-30 Christian HellerMore fixes to intro.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd intro text to output.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd explanatory intro to web output.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerImprove README explanation of what is actually happening.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerFix faulty path.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd hedaer of daily infections table.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd systemd set-up commands to README.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd systemd timer for the table update service.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd systemd Unit file for updating.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd script to daily update the infections table and...
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd script to output enhanced table data.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd README.