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2016-01-29 Christian HellerRe-organize code for better extendibility.
2016-01-24 Christian HellerFix crash when just commanding "!quote".
2016-01-23 Christian Hellerplomsearch: Use less probably escape character.
2016-01-23 Christian HellerAdd quote searching.
2016-01-23 Christian HellerRemove debugging code.
2016-01-23 Christian HellerImprove mobile twitter URL pattern matching.
2016-01-22 Christian HellerBe more explicit on URL change on mobile twitter page...
2016-01-22 Christian HellerHandle mobile twitter status URLs properly.
2016-01-22 Christian HellerAdd indexed !quote calls.
2016-01-22 Christian HellerSimplify quote line counting.
2016-01-21 Christian HellerShorten prefix for page title retrieval message.
2016-01-20 Christian HellerAdd basic quotes feature.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerStrip whitespace start/end from page title.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerMinor run.sh error handling improvement.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerImprove setup script error handling.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerImprove README.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerFix default nickname in setup script.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerAdd setup script.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerCatch InvalidURL requests exception.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerUse BeautifulSoup for HTML parsing.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerUse request library to simplify page retrieval code.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerFix buggy HTMLParser.
2016-01-19 Christian HellerUse proper HTML parsing for page title retrieval.
2016-01-18 Christian HellerCancel page title reading on bad charset.
2016-01-18 Christian HellerIn recv_line(), handle UnicodeDecodeErrors by assuming...
2016-01-18 Christian HellerBe verbose on page title retrieval failure.
2016-01-18 Christian HellerHandle UnicodeDecodeError.
2016-01-18 Christian HellerUse NOTICE instead of PRIVMSG for bot output.
2016-01-18 Christian HellerSend user agent in URL parser requests.
2016-01-18 Christian HellerImprove URL parser regex.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerIn URL parser, add http.client.BadStatusLine handler.
2016-01-17 Christian Heller"while 1" -> "while True"
2016-01-17 Christian HellerApply PEP8.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerHandle UnicodeError in URL parsing.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerHandle URLError.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerMake python file executable.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerAdd command line options.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerSome more refactoring / de-globalizing.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerSome refactoring and variable renaming.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerDeglobalize servername variable.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerReconnect after ping timeout or broken socket.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerSome refactoring.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerURL interpreter: Handle HTTPErrors.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerAssume default charset utf-8 when no charset found...
2016-01-17 Christian HellerAdd timeout to urlopen().
2016-01-17 Christian HellerSome refactoring.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerAdd some more checks against evil URLs.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerShorten default timeout.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerAdd content-type check to URL interpreter.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerMinor variable refactoring.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerAdd some whitespace to code for better readability.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerInitial commit.
2016-01-17 Christian HellerInitial commit