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28 hours ago Christian HellerFix. master
32 hours ago Christian HellerRe-do IO with websocket capabilities.
35 hours ago Christian HellerFix.
35 hours ago Christian HellerAdd basic websocket architecture.
2020-07-09 Christian HellerSimplify code.
2020-07-09 Christian HellerEnforce sane create_unfound decisions.
2020-07-09 Christian HellerFix bug that created multiple objects of same ID.
2019-12-23 Christian HellerDecouple awakeness/sleep stats from Map to MapChunk.
2019-12-23 Christian HellerUse self.max_map_awakeness to recude magic numbering.
2019-12-20 Christian HellerAdd basic reality bubble mechanism.
2019-12-20 Christian HellerEmpty client log before each new turn.
2019-05-13 Christian HellerClear neuron with backprop code.
2019-05-13 Christian HellerClean up perceptron code.
2019-05-13 Christian HellerAdd basic neural networking experiments.
2019-05-01 Christian HellerFix map indentation handling bug in client cursor movement.
2019-04-30 Christian HellerFix broken dijkstra mapping / AI searches.
2019-04-30 Christian HellerOnly send to client whether map starts indented, not...
2019-04-30 Christian HellerFix FOV bug by respecting HexMap start indentation...
2019-04-30 Christian HellerMore refactoring.
2019-04-30 Christian HellerMore refactoring.
2019-04-30 Christian HellerMinor refactorings / re-namings.
2019-04-30 Christian HellerFlatten game->world hierarchy.
2019-04-30 Christian HellerMake add_line hack unnecessary.
2019-04-30 Christian HellerAllow player movement beyond central map. Lots of mappi...
2019-04-27 Christian HellerOnly contact with player's radius creates new maps.
2019-04-27 Christian HellerChange MAP command to ensuring map exists, not necessar...
2019-04-27 Christian HellerFor available map directions, remove dependency on...
2019-04-27 Christian HellerUse smarter YX class for y,x coordinates/sizes.
2019-04-27 Christian HellerMove re-positioning of things in inventory to Thing...
2019-04-27 Christian HellerLet THING_INVENTORY also re-position things to owner.
2019-04-27 Christian HellerUse one size standard for all maps that define the...
2019-04-27 Christian HellerFix save game corruption due to insufficient .in_invent...
2019-04-27 Christian HellerUse trivially re-seedable PRNG.
2019-04-26 Christian HellerFix mapping interaction between server and client.
2019-04-26 Christian HellerAdd surrounding maps of new terrain type ~.
2019-04-25 Christian HellerFix map.
2019-04-25 Christian HellerPrepare map logic extension, limit FOV distance.
2019-04-21 Christian HellerFocus AI on collecting and eating food.
2019-04-21 Christian HellerMake AI logic clearer in code.
2019-04-21 Christian HellerReplenish food resources automatically.
2019-04-21 Christian HellerDon't generate objects at illegal positions. Plus,...
2019-04-16 Christian HellerTransform items into food to replenish player energy.
2019-04-10 Christian HellerAdd ever-decreasing health to animate things, and death.
2019-04-10 Christian HellerMinor refactoring.
2019-04-10 Christian HellerInvert color for examiner cursor.
2019-04-10 Christian HellerMore comments and refactoring.
2019-04-10 Christian HellerSend initial GET_GAMESTATE command from client.
2019-04-09 Christian HellerRefactor.
2019-04-09 Christian HellerIn examine cursor mode, show map cell contents in left...
2019-04-09 Christian HellerTo client, add map examining cursor.
2019-04-09 Christian HellerIn client, mark terrain cells that carry multiple objec...
2019-04-08 Christian HellerMake popup key available from all window configurations.
2019-04-08 Christian HellerRefactoring.
2019-04-08 Christian HellerUse dedicated widgets for inventory and pickable items.
2019-04-05 Christian HellerIn client, ensure item pointer is always within range.
2019-04-05 Christian HellerEnsure popup stays on even if background window changes.
2019-04-05 Christian HellerRe-structure client IO.
2019-03-09 Christian HellerAllow item-in-vicinity selection for item pickup.
2019-02-28 Christian HellerUse tuples for positions; fix inventory saving bug.
2019-02-27 Christian HellerMinor code style improvements.
2019-02-27 Christian HellerFix reproducibility bug due to unstable iteration order.
2019-02-27 Christian HellerRefactor server code; remove now unused PLAYER_POS...
2019-02-27 Christian HellerAdd client-side inventory handling.
2019-02-27 Christian HellerClient-wise, add inventory capability and pop-up exampl...
2019-02-27 Christian HellerAdd inventory / item pickup/drop server-side.
2019-02-21 Christian HellerDynamically decide new Thing IDs.
2019-02-21 Christian HellerAdd "item" thing type differentiated from animate thing...
2019-02-21 Christian HellerAdd multi-class thing type system.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerFix so-far invisible task name derivation error.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerMore refactoring.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerRemove TODO: Examined situation, found no error.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerFix minor bug.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerRefactor and extend new library.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerRemove usage demo code from library.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerWrap partial usage in function that copies object attri...
2019-02-18 Christian HellerExport all names in module needed for demo client.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerProper module structure.
2019-02-18 Christian HellerNew structure.
2019-02-15 Christian HellerRefactor socket code.
2019-02-15 Christian HellerRefactor.
2019-01-31 Christian HellerRefactor tasking system.
2019-01-30 Christian HellerFix faultiness in previous commit.
2019-01-30 Christian HellerRefactor and optimize FOV algorithm.
2019-01-30 Christian HellerRefactor.
2019-01-30 Christian HellerFix MAP command geometries returning invalid classes.
2019-01-30 Christian HellerLots of refactoring to enable SAVE command.
2019-01-26 Christian HellerTo command parser, add string options; use TASK syntax...
2019-01-25 Christian HellerAdd SWITCH_PLAYER debugging command for switching player.
2019-01-25 Christian HellerFix AI getting stuck in illegal move attempt.
2019-01-25 Christian HellerAdd very basic pathfinding AI.
2019-01-25 Christian HellerUse math.isclose for square map FOVs too.
2019-01-25 Christian HellerUse math.isclose() to fix FOV bug instead of expensive...
2019-01-25 Christian HellerIn client, avoid showing half-finished game states.
2019-01-25 Christian HellerFix FOV floating point bugs by using fractions.Fraction...
2019-01-25 Christian HellerFix map drawing / scrolling bugs in client.
2019-01-25 Christian HellerFix map scrolling bug in client.
2019-01-25 Christian HellerAdd map navigation key shortcuts.
2019-01-25 Christian HellerRefactor map drawing code in curses client.
2019-01-24 Christian HellerCurses loop won't delay socket input processing.
2019-01-24 Christian HellerImprove map handling between client and server, add...