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descriptionpreliminary study for new roguelike engine
last changeFri, 23 Oct 2020 04:02:53 +0000 (06:02 +0200)
29 hours ago Christian HellerFix. master
32 hours ago Christian HellerRe-do IO with websocket capabilities.
36 hours ago Christian HellerFix.
36 hours ago Christian HellerAdd basic websocket architecture.
2020-07-09 Christian HellerSimplify code.
2020-07-09 Christian HellerEnforce sane create_unfound decisions.
2020-07-09 Christian HellerFix bug that created multiple objects of same ID.
2019-12-23 Christian HellerDecouple awakeness/sleep stats from Map to MapChunk.
2019-12-23 Christian HellerUse self.max_map_awakeness to recude magic numbering.
2019-12-20 Christian HellerAdd basic reality bubble mechanism.
2019-12-20 Christian HellerEmpty client log before each new turn.
2019-05-13 Christian HellerClear neuron with backprop code.
2019-05-13 Christian HellerClean up perceptron code.
2019-05-13 Christian HellerAdd basic neural networking experiments.
2019-05-01 Christian HellerFix map indentation handling bug in client cursor movement.
2019-04-30 Christian HellerFix broken dijkstra mapping / AI searches.
29 hours ago master