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2019-10-23 Christian HellerFix paste-forward behavior at end of buffer. master
2019-09-11 Christian HellerUse minor mode for plomvi return, default key C-c C...
2019-03-08 Christian HellerFurther fix char deletion in-line rules.
2019-03-07 Christian HellerStronger match to vim char deletion and end of line...
2019-02-15 Christian HellerFix false function references.
2019-02-15 Christian HellerImprove D implementation, refactor.
2019-02-15 Christian HellerSimplify plomvi-Y code.
2019-02-11 Christian HellerEmulate Vim's Y more fully.
2019-02-11 Christian HellerUse suppress-keymap instead of plomvi-nothing shadowing...
2019-02-10 Christian HellerRemove outcommented redo addempt code, add explanatory...
2019-02-10 Christian HellerFuse minor mode chaos into single plomvi minor mode.
2019-02-09 Christian HellerInitial commit.