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Remove unneeded dependency.
[redo-blog] / test /
2017-01-18 Christian HellerHarden tests via more dangerous source file name.
2017-01-18 Christian HellerFixing of tests, and some more bad URL characters.
2017-01-18 Christian HellerRemove illegal URL character and fix replies link in...
2017-01-18 Christian HellerAdd interpretation of article-specific linkback URL...
2017-01-04 Christian HellerFix tests.
2017-01-03 Christian HellerAdd modification date element to article template.
2017-01-03 Christian HellerFix tests, improve templates.
2017-01-02 Christian HellerFix tests.
2017-01-02 Christian HellerDisplay creation dates in index.html and article html...
2017-01-02 Christian HellerAdd further entry title generator complication to test.
2017-01-02 Christian HellerClean up heading logic for .rst and .md interpretation.
2017-01-02 Christian HellerAdd feed link to index template.
2017-01-02 Christian HellerAdd home/index link to article pages.
2016-12-24 Christian HellerAdd HTML templating, extend tests.
2016-12-21 Christian HellerUnhide metadata directory, move helpers script up in...
2016-12-21 Christian HellerMove everything that does not need to be top level...
2016-12-10 Christian HellerStabilize feed.xml generation, reduce bad shell scripting.
2016-11-19 Christian HellerAdd feed.xml test.
2016-11-19 Christian HellerAdd uuid.meta test.
2016-11-19 Christian HellerRename generated meta files, test for them.
2016-11-19 Christian HellerBroaden test.
2016-11-19 Christian HellerMove work so far into repo.