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2017-01-26 Christian HellerAdd page URL title template field. master
2017-01-25 Christian HellerFix tests and unfortunate captcha dir name choice.
2017-01-25 Christian HellerMove captchas into captchas/public/ dir linkable by...
2017-01-25 Christian HellerUpdate README.
2017-01-25 Christian HellerAdd captcha placeholder to templating.
2017-01-25 Christian HellerAdd captcha files support.
2017-01-25 Christian HellerAdd test for .links files.
2017-01-25 Christian HellerFix buggy add_dir script.
2017-01-19 Christian HellerRemove unneeded dependency.
2017-01-19 Christian HellerAdd workaround for redo-ifcreate not working as expected.
2017-01-18 Christian HellerMake add_dir.sh more tolerant of pre-existing installat...
2017-01-18 Christian HellerHarden tests via more dangerous source file name.
2017-01-18 Christian HellerFixing of tests, and some more bad URL characters.
2017-01-18 Christian HellerRemove illegal URL character and fix replies link in...
2017-01-18 Christian HellerAdd interpretation of article-specific linkback URL...
2017-01-06 Christian HellerUpdate
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