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Turn scrape.py output into daily infections table order format.
[berlin-corona-table] / update.sh
2020-07-21 Christian HellerUpdate awk with quotes now added to fields in CSV.
2020-07-06 Christian HellerFix mistaken mv usage.
2020-07-06 Christian HellerUse intermediate /tmp/ step in /var/www/html writing.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemove redundant whitespace.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemove redundant in-code whitespace.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerOutput both .txt and .html variants.
2020-07-02 Christian HellerFix working directory for update script calling service.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerDe-hardcode infections table path from enhance_table.py.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerCreate table dynamically so it's not overwritten by...
2020-06-30 Christian HellerFix faulty path.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd script to daily update the infections table and...