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Remove summary string from HTML table.
[berlin-corona-table] / enhance_table.py
2020-07-03 Christian HellerRemove summary string from HTML table.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerHighlight week structure in HTML output.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerExtend abbreviation mapping, use collapsible for HTML...
2020-07-03 Christian HellerUse long form district names in HTML variant.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerMap abbrevations to long forms.
2020-07-03 Christian HellerOutput both .txt and .html variants.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerMinor code re-arrangement.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerAdd a minimal amount of input validation.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerDe-hardcode infections table path from enhance_table.py.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerExplain "sum" district in code.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerRemove more redundant whitespace.
2020-07-01 Christian HellerRemove redundant whitespace.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerMore fixes to intro.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd intro text to output.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd explanatory intro to web output.
2020-06-30 Christian HellerAdd script to output enhanced table data.